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 Idea to Market 

Do you want to improve healthcare with your idea? This eLearning is a step-by-step guide on what it takes to get from idea to market. It's almost ready, stay tuned!
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Who is this eLearning for?


Medical Professionals


Anyone interested in the MedTech industry

In this eLearning, we will tell you everything you need to know to get your medical device or software from idea to market safely and successfully.

  What will you learn?  

This eLearning will cover the important topics you must know to get your idea to the market, whether a medical device or software. Each episode will present information from different perspectives both theoretical and practical.
  • Episode 1:      Problem, Solution, Product
  • Episode 2:      Intellectual Property
  • Episode 3:      Engineering and Product Design
  • Episode 4:      Production & Supply Chain Management
  • Episode 5:      Standardization
  • Episode 6:      Quality Assurance, Quality and Risk Management System
  • Episode 7:      Market Access (Compliance - Regulatory) 
  • Episode 8:      Clinical Evidence 
  • Episode 9:      Patient Data & GDPR 
  • Episode 10:   Fundraising
  • Episode 11:    Healthcare systems and why they matter
  • Episode 12:   Sales & Distribution 
  • Episode 13:   Reimbursement Routes

Who are we?

At MedScaler, we are specialized in market introductions. Together, we aim to bridge the gap between technological possibilities and the daily use of innovations in healthcare. Having done over 50 market introductions in at least 10 countries, we have gained relevant hands-on experience in complex healthcare projects. 

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