MedTech and eHealth 
 Idea to Market 

In this course, you will learn the steps needed to bring your MedTech idea to market. 
Different experts will teach you about each step.

 What is included? 

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With 12 episodes covering different perspectives, we will take you on a journey. Learn with engaging and interactive videos. 
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Share your thoughts and ideas with like-minded people. Learn from each other. 


Be challenged and make sure you are get the most of your learning experience.


Show your network the brand new knowledge you have gained. Share the certificate on LinkedIn.
  • Episode 1: Problem, Solution, Product
  • Episode 2: Intellectual Property
  • Episode 3: Engineering and Product Design
  • Episode 4: Fundraising 
  • Episode 5: Clinical Evidence 
  • Episode 6: Standardization 
  • Episode 7: Production 
  • Episode 8: QA, QM, RM 
  • Episode 9: Market Access (Compliance - Regulatory)
  • Episode 10: Sales & Distribution 
  • Episode 11: Business Case & Reimbursement Routes 
  • Episode 12: Healthcare systems and why they matter 
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